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Glenn Josey & Megan Lerchenmuller — Minted
Updated July 24, 2023
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Glenn Josey


Megan Lerchenmuller

Wedding Party

Lisa Kelly

Maid of Honor

Lisa and Megan met at NU when she hired Megan to be a student worker. One fateful day in 2006, Lisa found Megan’s Mountbatten application and shared: “I’m doing this program too!” Neither of them expected the immediate connection that has led to almost 20 years of friendship. From London to NYC (then Philly / Miami for Megan and now Lisa in WI), they have shared some incredible memories and are truly the best of friends. They can’t imagine a world where they aren’t in each other’s lives - no matter what comes their ways, they’re always there to see the best in each other and cheer each other on with every life decision. Lisa couldn’t imagine a more perfect next chapter for Megan as she has found her true life partner in Glenn! She can’t wait to get this island party started!!!

Jason LLoyd

Best Man

Jason and Glenn have known each other since they were 11 years old through Jack and Jill. They spent many years playing music, watching the Knicks, skiing and growing up together. They have been brothers ever since.

Blayre Redrick

Matron of Honor

Blayre and Megan knew they were destined to be sisters when Glenn introduced Megan to the family as a soror. Since then, they’ve spent holidays and special milestones together and are looking forward to many more!

Quinn Rhone Lawrence

Best Woman

Quinn and Glenn's friendship blossomed 30 years ago when they crossed paths at a Jack & Jill meeting. Their shared humor and values formed an unbreakable bond, making them as close as siblings. Despite attending different colleges, exploring the world independently, and residing in different cities, they always stayed connected. Eventually, fate led them back together in NYC where they became roommates for a few very memorable years. Eventually, Quinn met her husband, Bob, and moved to the DMV, while Glenn remained in NY, and discovered immense joy in the lovely Megan. Quinn and Bob feel completely honored to celebrate this special day.

Alan Clarke


Alan does not remember meeting Glenn, since he was 6 months old when the introductions were made. He has been Glenn’s youngest brother ever since.

Ashley Bryant


Ashley and Megan met in Madrid 15 yrs ago and have been meeting up in Spanish speaking countries to “practicar their español” ever since.

Barry Clarke


Barry and Glenn met when they were very young neighbors in Riverdale and have been brothers ever since. They have played together, lived together, and worked together for almost 40 years

Chris J. Tolbert


Glenn and Chris met through Jack & Jill (Chris 12, Glenn 14). They bonded and built a friendship built during their teenage years. Defining memories? Too many to list! They've been through wars together, experienced brotherhood, and shared deep conversations and mutual support at the highest level. They have also had a lot of fun over the years, from vacations to Knicks games and everything in between. They have celebrated their adult milestone birthdays together - from Chris’ 21st to Glenn’s 45th!

Christine Donovan


Christine welcomed Megan to “the family” at Megan’s first of many Clarke family events. Since then, they’ve shared many a laugh together and are looking forward to adventures in Riverdale together. Christine has made it very clear that Megan will be responsible for punctual arrivals once Glenn and Megan tie the knot.

Conor Cox


One sentence friendship-defining memory for CJC and Meg? After twenty years of friendship, Conor has learned “you cannot spell Meg Lerch without ME” (aka Conor). Just check the multitude of exchanges, across various messaging platforms, and you will get it. Now picture a young CJC embarking on his first International trip abroad in 2005 to Madrid. After hours of getting lost in the city, and racking up hundreds of dollars in international hotel phone bill charges attempting to contact Melissa and Ashley (what’s an international mobile plan?), Conor was united with the ladies he now refers to as the “Madrileñas” in the chaotic Plaza del Sol. In that moment, a beautiful, young woman in a Von Dutch style trucker hat was introduced to him. In a matter of minutes, Megan and Conor were on their first adventure together to get him the perfect Euro-trash mullet. It was friendship at first sight, and twenty years later Conor is extremely grateful to be included in her nuptials to Mr. Glenn Josey - a man he embraced immediately when Meg came to visit a much older, and somewhat wiser, CJC in New Hope as he attempted to make a Kesha style come-back. P.S. Meet the three of them in Calabash while in Dominica. It will most likely be filled with sequins, tequila, and lots of (happy) tears!

Elizabeth Wegener


Libby and Megan met at business school in 2011. They bonded over yoga and fun trips. Their forever friendship was sealed with the decision to make their own local beach week in Philly. Libby is thankful for their friendship and is excited to celebrate Megan and Glenn!

Gavinn Boyce


Gavinn and Glenn crossed paths during a Jack and Jill meeting when Gavinn was 14, about to enter 9th grade. Despite being new to the group, Gavinn felt an immediate sense of belonging, as if he had found his family. From that very day, their friendship blossomed, and they've been connected ever since. Numerous cherished memories are intertwined with Glenn, making it challenging for Gavinn to pick just one defining moment. Looking back, what truly sets their bond apart is how it has evolved into a family-like connection, growing stronger with time.

Ian Hansen


Glenn and Ian met in Friends (Quaker) meeting at Fifteenth Street in Manhattan, and together they soon popularized the idea that upper limits of the Young Friends group should include the "40ish". Then they both did clerkship stints one after the other, shared a lot of stories over a lot of drinks, were regulars at each other's parties, and always roomed together for Yearly Meeting summer sessions in St George. Ian has video evidence of Glenn dancing with Ian's then fiancée Tammy on a Brooklyn street while singing along to a Japanese pop song in falsetto, and Glenn has video evidence of Ian winning a burlesque dance off at his and Tammy's bachelor/bachelorette party. Glenn also signed (with three other Quakers) the wedding certificate for Ian and Tammy's Quaker wedding. Ian can't wait to do the same for Glenn and Megan.

Jennifer Hoskins


Jennifer and Megan met in college. Though they can't remember the exact details, maybe the Cali connection, Jennifer did know once they met, she knew she had a friend for life. Jennifer is so grateful to call Megan a friend, and Megan feels the same!

John Newsome


John is Glenn's older cousin. They lived together for 8 years. Beyond roommates, John and Glenn became friends.

Michelle Atoa


Michelle and Glenn met through Jack and Jill and spent their elementary school years going to monthly events. Over the past decade, they reconnected and spend many nights cooking and enjoying time together.

Nijel Redrick


Nijel met Glenn on Saturday, August 5, 2006 - the day Nijel married Glenn’s sister. Glenn introduced Nijel to Megan

Roxanne Gutierrez


Roxanne met Megan in middle school. They became fast friends and started building memories. The best memories were summer beach days with late night cruises around town bumping our most fave beats - especially Bone Thugs and Sublime classics.

Thomas Caballero


Thomas and Megan met when they were introduced as flatmates in London. They instantly bonded over their California upbringings and a penchant for a fun time. After a year of working, living, and making memories together, they knew they would be friends forever - and eventually siblings. They moved to New York and were roommates two more times, filling years with travels and laughter. From celebrating holidays together to Sunday dinners to yoga teacher training, they’ve shared both monumental and small moments - always topped off with a giggle.